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Linda's Heart

A Word from Linda:

Hello…Have you ever wanted to deeply minister to the women of your church? And didn’t know which way to go? Well, I would like to help…with all of my life’s trials and tribulations, I believe I have something to say…

My heart – is to be that friend who will encourage and empower God’s girls to not only bring them out of the pit, but the strength to never go back. How do I do that? Simple – by being real!! And -- I am always moved by the Power of God when I can touch one life by my testimony…

Hearing God Ministries offers two options for you –

1: Hearing God Women’s Breakfast – this is a time for God’s girls to get refreshed in the midst of food and fellowship. A time to lighten and loosen up followed by a Holy Spirit Sermon to reach those in attendance.

2. Hearing God Women’s Conference – this is a 10-class Holy Spirit designed curriculum to teach the Body how to hear the Voice of God during the hard times. We must know who is speaking at all times. Hearing God’s Voice brings us out of our trials the victor! This conference includes homework and reading…


Hearing God Ministries
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