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Women's Ministry Testimonials

God has anointed Linda in such an amazing way.

“God has anointed Linda in such an amazing way. The things the Lord says to His girls through this servant is awesome. This time is ministering to some really deep places for so many girls. The anointing and presence of God fills the room every time. “ Cherri”

After one class, I was restored in strength and peace.

“After one class, I was restored in strength and peace. Linda was consistently vigilant in keeping tabs on me. So concerned and praying always for me. I knew she was. I could feel it down to my toes. I'm still in her class and can't wait until Sundays. My soul yearns to be there. The Holy Spirit is so strong in that class room that you could cut it with a knife. My life in 2 months has done a complete turn around just as God promised. As I watch God healing women to the right and left of me in Linda's class, all I can say is praise God and Linda's wonderful gift of ministry. I thank God every day for her unselfish commitment to follow God's voice and let the Holy Spirit work thru her every Sunday morning. It's the purse and holiest example of a Christian commitment I've ever witnessed. “Shirley”

I just completed the Hearing God class taught by Linda Wright.

I just completed the Hearing God class taught by Linda Wright. I want to share with you the blessing. Learning, insight, and hearing that have resulted in only 10 weeks.

God has given Linda, not only an amazing testimony, but the ability to share it and make it a vehicle for teaching. She is uniquely gifted to create safety and invite intimacy. She is one of the most genuine and inclusive women I know, extending the grace to be whoever you are while encouraging and challenging you to go deeper and become more.

She brought scripture to life – real, everyday life – and the familiar took on new meaning and power as I claimed the promises. Along with practical tips for tuning in I have done just that. I am thrilled and grateful to report that I am hearing God’s voice every day and in ways I know I missed before. I am calling, God is Hearing. God class has changed my life and has helped me grow with God and get closer to our Father.” “Beth”

I would recommend it to everyone.

Linda's class is highly anointed. I would recommend it to everyone. Those who already hear God and to those who don't.

You will develop a deeper relationship with the Lord; and it will also teach you on how to own your authority in Christ.

Thank you for your dedication to the class, I can see the preparation you put into it and appreciate it as well as the calls to check in to see if we need any prayers. Your confidence and enthusiasm is inspiring and motivating. Thank you and I look forward to attending another one of your classes!

This class is phenomenal, I am eternally grateful!

“This class is phenomenal, I am eternally grateful! I am blessed beyond words. God reached down and touched my life through this class. Here was this little fiery woman (Linda Wright) full of life at the head of the class whom I had never met before. She began to share her own life’s journey; the good bad and the ugly. I have been reminded of the tools and talents that God has equipped me with and I am ready to press toward the goal! Amen” “Diane”


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